Monthly Archives: May 2018

Episode 4: Every Body is a Gift with Hilary Yancey

Is it possible to forgive God? Amena and Hilary discuss healing, faith and what happens when life doesn’t happen the way we expect. Hilary talks about her new book Forgiving God and how her journey as the parent of a child with complex physical disabilities taught her about miracles and the gift of the body. To connect with Hilary and find out more about her book, check out

Episode 3: Pastoring the Body of Christ with Mayra Macedo Nolan

Amena and Mayra Macedo Nolan talk about calling and what it means to serve in and with community. Mayra shares her journey of how she lives out communal pastoring, how pastoring connects to justice, and why it’s important for our calling to have connection in our local community. To connect with Mayra and find out more about CCDA, check out

Episode 2: Dignity of the Black Body With Austin Channing Brown

Amena and Austin Channing Brown talk about the dignity of the black body and Austin’s new book I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness. Austin shares her journey of becoming unapologetically black, how she uses her voice to speak against racism and white supremacy, and how to express creative anger. To connect with Austin and find out more about her book, check out

Episode 1: The Body Politic with Ifeoma Ike

Amena and Ifeoma Ike talk about The Body Politic. Ify shares her journey in government and law, how to effect change inside of a broken system and why marginalized people should get involved in government and politics. Check out Ify and Turquoise’s political podcast Politea.