Monthly Archives: June 2018

Episode 8: The Body Politic with Nish Weiseth

Amena talks with writer, author, and podcaster Nish Weiseth. Nish co-hosts the podcast Impolite Company and shares how to navigate the intersection of two tough topics: politics and religion. For more information about Nish visit

Episode 7: Body of the Paragraph with Deidra Riggs

Amena talks with blogger, speaker, and author Deidra Riggs, about the craft of writing, the importance of speaking and writing truth to power, as well as a guest appearance from Deidra’s dog. 🙂 Deidra shares her journey as an early adopter to blogging and what writing has taught her about the importance of cultivating online and IRL connections. Follow Deidra and learn more about her books and writing at

Episode 6: Body of Art with Mikkoh

Amena talks with multi-disciplinary artist Mikkoh about the connections between art, activism and wellness. Mikkoh shares how her journey as an immigrant influences the art she makes and how she uses her platform to elevate the art of Asian American artists. For more information about Mikkoh visit

Episode 5: Training the Body with Anowa Adjah

Amena talks with Curvy Fit Master Trainer and inventor of the Lose the Gut Keep the Butt workout, Anowa Adjah, about how to accept and care for the body you are in. Anowa shares how to make your health and wellness a priority and how to access your power and gratitude. For more information about Anowa and to participate in her fitness challenges, visit