Monthly Archives: July 2018

Episode 11: The Body Native with Kaitlin Curtice

Amena talks with Native American author, speaker and worship leader Kaitlin Curtice about why the voices and leadership of Native leaders is necessary and important. Kaitlin shares about her book Glory Happening and how the process of laboring is important in many areas of our lives. To find out more about Kaitlin Curtice, visit

Episode 10: How to Body an Emcee with Mahogany Jones

Amena talks with emcee, activist, and U.S. Music Ambassador, Mahogany Jones, about hip hop and why art and justice are connected. Mahogany shares her story as a battle emcee and how she uses her influence to better the lives of women and girls. For more information about Mahogany Jones visit

Episode 9: Body Language with Kathy Khang

Amena talks with author, speaker, and yoga teacher, Kathy Khang about the importance of using our voices and the ways our bodies speak to us. Kathy shares from her new book Raise Your Voice: Why We Stay Silent and How to Speak Up and gives some tips on how to find your voice and how to find the courage to speak up. For more information about Kathy and her new book, visit