Monthly Archives: October 2018

Episode 19: Building a table with Truth’s Table – Ekemini Uwan and Christina Edmondson

Amena talks with two-thirds of the three hosts of the popular Truth’s Table podcast: writer/speaker and public theologian, Ekemini Uwan, and academician and mental health therapist, Dr. Christina Edmondson. Amena, Ekemini, and Christina discuss how Truth’s Table began and how as hosts and they foster community among their black women listeners. Ekemini and Christina share the importance of building our own tables. For more information about Truth’s Table, visit

Episode 18: Processing Grief Through Poetry with Theresa Davis

Amena talks with author, poet, educator and poetry slam champion Theresa Davis about how we can use writing to process grief. Theresa shares how she became a performing artist and how she teaches young students to use writing to process difficult emotions. Amena and Theresa discuss helpful ways to walk alongside someone who is grieving. For more information about Theresa, visit

Episode 17: The Power of Getting Lost with Kat Armas

Amena talks with travel blogger and co-owner of coffee roasting company, The Running Over, Kat Armas. Kat shares her story of quitting her job to travel the world and the lessons she learned from getting lost. Amena and Kat discuss what we can learn when we choose to experience adventure and how to see getting lost as a positive learning experience. For information about Kat, visit

Episode 16: Finding Your Inner Leader with Jo Saxton

Amena talks with author, speaker, leadership coach, visionary, and podcaster, Jo Saxton. Amena and Jo discuss healthy leadership and the tensions between what we perceive as leadership and what leadership looks like in real life. Based on the themes in her book The Dream of You, Jo shares how we can center our identity in the right place and heal where our identity is broken. For more information about Jo, visit

Episode 15: Found Freedom with Natasha Sistrunk Robinson

Amena talks with international speaker, leadership consultant, diversity and mentoring coach, and author Natasha Robinson. Exploring the themes of Natasha’s new book, A Sojourner’s Truth: Choosing Freedom and Courage in a Divided World, Amena and Natasha discuss Beyonce’s “Formation,” navigating the wilderness of life, and where we we can find redemption as we seek love, justice and freedom. For more information about Natasha and to order her book visit