Monthly Archives: November 2018

Episode 22: The Path to Education with Dr. Alma Zaragoza-Petty

Amena talks with podcaster and education advocate, Dr. Alma Zaragoza-Petty, about how she overcame obstacles on her path to education. Dr. Zaragoza-Petty shares the barriers first generation students encounter on their path to higher education and why it’s important for marginalized people to pursue higher education. For more information about Dr. Alma and The Red Couch Podcast visit

Episode 21 – Finding Your Role with Javicia Leslie

On this bonus episode, Amena talks with actress Javicia Leslie who is featured on the CBS show God Friended Me. Javicia shares her audition journey and what she’s learning from playing her character, Ali, who is sister to an atheist podcaster brother and daughter to a traditional reverend father. Javicia also shares why it’s important to be persistent in pursuing your dreams. For more information about God Friended Me, check your local listings and visit

Episode 20: Finding Home with SueAnn Shiah

Amena talks with musician, filmmaker, and emerging theologian SueAnn Shiah. SueAnn shares the journey of making her documentary HuanDao about her return to her parent’s home country Taiwan for a biking pilgrimage. Amena and SueAnn talk about the power of indigenous music and how returning to a familial home can help us to find what has been lost. For more information about SueAnn and her documentary, visit