Monthly Archives: March 2019

Episode 26: Becoming an Author with Alia Joy

Season 3: Create. Amena talks with blogger, author, and writer Alia Joy about her new book Glorious Weakness: Discovering God in All We Lack. Alia talks about her transition from blog writing to book writing and why it’s important to write about the narrative and experience of poverty. Alia shares advice on how to walk alongside a loved one who lives with mental illness and how to practice creativity recovery when we write about vulnerable things. To learn more about Alia and order her book visit:

Episode 25: Crafting a song with Jennifer Chung

Season 3: Create. Amena talks with singer/songwriter Jennifer Chung about the craft and process of songwriting. Jennifer shares how she maintains her vocal health and what she learned from a photoshop incident on a recent magazine cover where she was featured. Amena and Jennifer take a listen to snippets of a couple of songs from Jennifer’s latest mini album After All and talk about Jennifer’s process in writing them. Amena ceremoniously yells “THAT’S MY SONG.”

For more of Jennifer’s music:

For more info on Jennifer’s and her husband’s media company WATS.Media:

Episode 24: Season 3 Intro – The Mystery of Creativity

The theme of season 3 is “Create.” This season is full of inspiring conversations with women of color who are creators, creatives, founders, visual artists, performing artists, and businesswomen. If you are looking for practical tips on how to kickstart your creativity and action steps that will lead you toward your dreams and passions, then these episodes are for you. To kick off this season’s theme, check out Amena’s mini-talk “The Mystery of Creativity” from Creative Mornings Atlanta and what making a cake with her grandma taught her about creativity.