Monthly Archives: April 2019

Episode 30: Creating Your Voice with Ametria Dock

Amena talks with vocalist, musical consultant, professional voice coach, and founder of Fruition Organized Music, Ametria Dock. Ametria shares the tough lessons she learned as a solo artist in the music industry and how those lessons propelled the trajectory of her career. Ametria also shares what she’s learned as a business founder and gives a mini master class on how to maintain vocal health. For more information about Ametria and Fruition Organized Music, visit

Episode 29: Writing Unapologetic Happy Endings with Adriana Herrera

Amena talks with romance fiction author Adriana Herrera. Author of American Dreamer and American Fairytale, a part of the Dreamer Series, Adriana talks about how her experiences in the field of social work inform her fiction and why she believes in writing unapologetic happy endings for characters of color. Amena and Adriana discuss how reading romance can be a form of self-care and how all of us can revel in our own happy endings/beginnings. To learn more about Adriana and to purchase her books visit:


Episode 28: Online Community and Bridge Building with Latasha Morrison

Amena talks with speaker, reconciler, and founder of non-profit Be the Bridge, Latasha Morrison. Latasha shares the lessons she’s learned from founding an online community which led to the founding of a non-profit. Amena and Latasha talk about how the practice of self-care is important in bridge building work and how Latasha stays grounded as her organization is growing so quickly. For more information about Latasha, visit and for more information about Be the Bridge, visit

Episode 27: The Integrity of Making Art with Makeda Lewis

Amena talks with her sister, visual artist and author of Afro-feminist coloring book Avie’s Dreams, Makeda Lewis. Makeda shares her creative process and what grounds the art she makes. Amena and Makeda also discuss the tensions between business and making art and Makeda shares why it’s important for community engagement to be a part of art making. Stay tuned until the end to hear Makeda’s unique twist on her nominee for a She Did That Award.

To learn more about Makeda’s art visit her social media profiles.