Monthly Archives: May 2019

Episode 33: Creating History with Dr. Meredith Evans

Amena talks with Dr. Meredith Evans, a historian, archivist, 74th President of the Society of American Archivists, director of the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum, and the first black woman to helm a presidential library. Dr. Meredith shares why it’s important to preserve and document history and how she navigates being “First, Only, Different.” For more information about Dr. Meredith’s work visit

Episode 32: Creating Accessibility and Online Community with Alice Wong

Amena talks with disabled activist, podcaster, and founder and director of the Disability Visibility Project®, Alice Wong. Alice shares how an early love for reading informed her journey as a creative and as an activist. Amena and Alice discuss why it’s important to preserve disabled history and why it’s necessary for the disabled community to lead and be a part of civic engagement. For more information about Alice Wong and the Disability Visibility Project® visit

Episode 31: A Discussion of Beyoncé’s Homecoming with Candice Benbow

Amena talks with speaker, essayist, creative, and creator of the Lemonade Syllabus, Candice Benbow, about Beyoncé’s recently released film and album: Homecoming. Amena and Candice use their own experiences with homecoming as graduates of historically black colleges and universities to discuss the cultural significance of Beyoncé’s art and creative process. Candice discusses the lessons of healing, home, and wholeness that we can learn from Homecoming. For more information on Candice Benbow, visit