Monthly Archives: June 2019

Episode 37: Narrative as Resistance with Juliana Brown Eyes

Amena talks with filmmaker, musician, photographer, and makeup artist, Juliana Brown Eyes. Juliana shares how her upbringing on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and the creativity and resistance of the women in her ancestry informs her work as a creative. She also shares why it’s important for indigenous people to tell their own narrative and history. For more information about Juliana Brown Eyes, visit

Episode 36: Creative Strategy and Entrepreneurship with Pamela Barba

Amena talks with creative strategist and entrepreneur Pamela Barba why entrepreneurship creates equity and justice. Pamela is the founder of Vamos Ladies, a confidence and branding studio for Latinx women and shares the lessons a family legacy of entrepreneurship taught her for owning her own business. For more info about Pamela Barba visit For more info about Vamos Ladies, visit

Episode 35: Founding a Fashion Movement with Tasha LaRae

Amena talks with singer/songwriter, lead female vocalist for Arrested Development, voice coach, and founder of the Racism Sucks fashion movement. Tasha shares her process of inspiration to creation. She also shares why the word STOP is an important word for creatives. For more information about Tasha LaRae, visit For more information about Racism Sucks, visit

Episode 34: Holding Space and Telling Stories with Morgan Harper Nichols

Amena talks with writer, artist, and musician Morgan Harper Nichols. Morgan shares her creative process of combining inspirational writing and visual art and the power of holding space for other people’s stories. Amena and Morgan talk about Morgan’s subscription app Storyteller and the power of “maybe” and “perhaps.” For more info on Morgan’s art and her app Storyteller, visit: