Monthly Archives: December 2019

Episode 42: End of the Year Affirmation with Makeda Lewis

Visual artist and Amena’s sister, Makeda Lewis, shared an affirmation on Episode 27 as her answer to whom she would give a She Did That Award and it was so epic that it deserved an episode all its own. Listen in and maybe you’ll give yourself a She Did That Award too. 

Episode 41: Bonus Episode: Self-care and Living Single with Latasha Morrison

In this bonus episode, founder of Be the Bridge and author of the book of the same name, Latasha Morrison, answers questions from social media as she and Amena discuss singleness in church spaces and what Latasha does for self-care and for fun. Check out Latasha’s new book, Be the Bridge: Pursuing God’s Heart for Racial Reconciliation at For more information on Latasha’s organization, Be the Bridge, visit

Episode 40: Bonus Episode – Creating Empowerment with Aggie Netunze

Amena talks with Agnes “Aggie” Netunze, General Manager for Sseko Designs in Uganda. Aggie shares her story of how she went against cultural expectations for Ugandan girls and became a businesswoman. Amena and Aggie discuss the successes and the challenges of being in leadership and why it’s important to empower women and girls. Find out more about Sseko Designs at